Welcome to the East Side Union HSD SmartFind Express. Providing internet access to the Substitute Employee Management System (SFE)

Your connection to SmartFindExpress will timeout after 20 minutes of inactivity NOTE: SmartFind Expres users should NOT use the back button on their Web Browser. The back button does NOT show current information. ALWAYS use the navigation buttons on the SmartFind Express screens.

District Employees:: Your Access Id# is your District Employee Id which you can locate on your paystub: Your PIN# is your 6 digit pin number that was assigned to you on the previous automated substitute system that we where using.

Substitutes: Your Access Id is your Telephone number without your area code.Your PIN number is the same 6 digit number that you where assigned when you first registered with us as a sub.

New Employees: Your ACCESS ID and PIN # is your 6 digit employee number. Remember to call the Automated System at 408-347-5262 to register as a new employee. As you register over the phone you will be able to change your PIN #.

If you have forgotten your PIN number you may email me Lizbeth Diaz, or call at 408-347-5260.