Welcome to the East Side Union HSD SmartFind Express. Providing internet access to the Substitute Employee Management System (SFE)

EMPLOYEES: All absences must be reported on Eschools you may call in your absences to 408-347-5262 or you can use this website to create your absences.

If you have any questions or have forgotten your PIN number you may contact your site Personnel Technician:

AH,SC- Miriam Abundis Orozco x.75253
FH, CA, ATP, Substitutes- Liz Diaz x.75260
MP, PH- Alejandra Flores Sanchez x.75252
EV, YB- Roseann Gaska x.75254
JL,OG- Cynthia Guillen x. 75256
IAC/OAC,ST- Sabrina Kraft x.75267
IH/Pegasus, WCO/Apollo- Kathy Medina x. 75263
Ed Center- Sylvia Palacios x. 75268